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Life Management in a Time of Crisis

By Gary A. Shockley  The first of John Wesley’s Rules for Preachers: “Be diligent. Never be unemployed a moment. Never be triflingly employed. Never while away time; neither spend any more time at any place than is strictly necessary.”  Wesley was a stickler on… Continue Reading “Life Management in a Time of Crisis”

Gaining Clarity

Practical Steps for Remembering Who You Are, Whose You Are and Where You are Called to Be as a Community of Faith What are we to do when the church we love and serve seems to have lost its way? When the path ahead… Continue Reading “Gaining Clarity”

“Passage” Prints Available!

  I’ve received many requests for a print of my most recent painting, Passages. I am deeply touched by the impact of this painting on the lives of my Social Media tribe. The Creator seems to be using this to ease the suffering and grief… Continue Reading ““Passage” Prints Available!”

The Princess and the Dragon

When Dinosaurs Dance  

Believing Thomas

Eye of the Beholder

Everywhere God


Imagining Church

The Meandering Way